Navigating the Delhi Airport

Finding your way out of any airport can be a challenge, but when you factor in the loooong international flight, little (or no) sleep, and the general excitement & anxiety of entering India, it can be downright intimidating.  No need, though!  Let us walk you through what you can expect before we meet you on the other side.

1.  You’ll disembark from the plane and head toward the airport.  You’re probably a pro at this part already.  Look for these signs and head toward Baggage | Exit.

arriving at delhi airport


2.  There is a restroom on your way to immigration/customs/baggage, so no worries if that’s a priority!


delhi airport bathrooms


3.  Get your exercise after that long flight or jump on the people movers, but either way, you have a stretch to go as you follow those Baggage | Exit signs.

delhi airport moving walkways


4.  Just a little bit further to go until you get to the escalator that will take you down to your first stop, Immigration.  This is what it will look like as you approach….

delhi airport

headed to delhi airport immigration


5.  Get on the escalator (or elevator) and head down to the beautiful Immigration area. If you applied for the e-Tourist visa, you will need to use the immigration counters specific to that, located in a separate glassed-in room on the right hand side of the immigration hall.  If you have a different visa (not an e-Tourist visa, but instead a 5 or 10-year visa), simply pick the shortest “Foreigners” line you can.

On your way to the e-Tourist immigration area, stop and get an Arrival Card from a table on your right (soon after you exit the escalator or elevator). Bring a pen! We will provide you with an Indian address and phone number to place on your Arrival Card if it requires it.   

When you get to the Immigration counter, you will hand the nice lady or gentleman your passport along with your completed arrival card (the one you got on the plane) and the print-out from your e-Tourist visa confirmation.  A smile and a “Namaskar!” doesn’t hurt, either.  After leaving the immigration counter, head forward (through some duty-free shops) to the baggage area.

delhi airport immigration

7.   Baggage time!  There will be a monitor with your flight number and corresponding carousel belt number.  By the time you get there, a good number of bags may have already been taken off the belt and placed on the ground on the far side; don’t forget to see if yours is already there (it often is). Go ahead and grab a luggage cart if need be–they’re free (!)  You have to depress the handle for it to roll, otherwise the brakes are on. Smart design, huh?  There’s even an ATM inside the baggage claim area (although there are 3 more directly on

delhi airport luggage carousel

delhi airport baggage luggage

Your baggage may have already been taken off the carousel--don't forget to check (aka, don't panic if you don't see it on the belt!)

Your baggage may have already been taken off the carousel–don’t forget to check (aka, don’t panic if you don’t see it on the belt!)

8.  Ok, you’ve cleared immigration, gotten your bags, now you need to get through customs.  India did away with Customs cards recently, so if you have nothing to declare, follow the Green line and exit.  That’s about all it takes; no one goes through your baggage.

Follow the Painted Green Line (sung to the tune of Follow the Yellow Brick Road)

Follow the Painted Green Line (sung to the tune of Follow the Yellow Brick Road)


9.  Alright!  You’ve been released upon India!  There are two potential places for pick up; someone will be INSIDE the airport when you first exit customs. This is a “VIP” waiting area, and the main waiting area is outside. Do not go outside, you will be met INSIDE!

Drivers inside the Delhi airport, between baggage and customs

The relatively calm inside (above) vs the outside (below).

waiting at delhi airport

And there you have it!  If you want to change money or use the ATM, both of those options are here for you.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page and you’re not going on a RetreaTours journey, we advise that you go to the pre-paid taxi service kiosk to the left of customs if you need a ride. Here, you tell them where you need to go, they set the price, you pay them, and they tell you which numbered cab to take outside (the numbered yellow signs, across the street).   This is a good way to proceed so you’re not forced to haggle after such a long journey.  Again–this is only for those traveling independently, not anyone on a tour with us.

So, feel more comfortable now?  Good.  Enjoy your time at the Delhi airport, and we’ll see you on the other side!

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