Why travel in a small group?

We run tours for people who—let’s be honest—hate tours.  However, when you have limited time, you need someone to create a memorable itinerary, hitting both the highlights and the hidden gems, all during the best possible weather. With someone who knows the area planning the agenda, you’re sure to see explore more, engage more, and enjoy more.  Here are 6 reasons to consider traveling in a small group.

Stacking rocks by the Indus River behind Alchi Monastery in Ladakh, India.

Stacking rocks by the Indus River behind Alchi Monastery in Ladakh, India.

1. Save time. There are too many details for you to negotiate by yourself during your precious vacation time—the logistics of transportation, nuances of language & culture, climate and environmental patterns, and weeding out the hip from the hype. Why reinvent the wheel?

2. Do more. We keep our groups small–under 10 for cultural tours, under 12 for retreats–to allow for more intimate, authentic opportunities; whether we’re drinking butter tea in a monk’s home, trying our hand at rolling momos in a friend’s kitchen, or enjoying VIP status at a Mr. Turban contest (yes, all of those things have happened), you’re sure to enjoy experiences you may not have discovered on your own.

3. Do less. We’re not about matching hats or waving flags or big buses. That can work for some people, but not us. We tune into why you’re traveling, what you want to get out of the trip, and how to make that happen. Sometimes that means opting out of an activity and hanging out by the pool or venturing out on your own. We understand that, and we even build in “downtime” so you never feel rushed. You won’t need a vacation from this vacation.

4. Feel comfortable. Let’s be honest. Sometimes travel in a new place can be a little intimidating—like, what is that on my plate, anyways? Traveling with a small group can provide the confidence and comfort you need to relax and enjoy yourself in a foreign country. Having that secure “home base” frees you to feel more adventurous, knowing that we have your back.

 5. Insider tips. Traveling with locals gives you an edge you just can’t get from a guidebook. Not only do we live in the areas that we tour, but we also partner with local guides who know the culture and terrain intimately. You’ll get real, current insight about local flavors, customs, and which tea stalls serve the best chai! It’s the little things that count.

 6. Different perspectives.  We all know travel broadens the mind, but traveling with others can direct your attention in all sorts of new & fun ways.  Our guests come from all walks of life, from 20 to 70 years old, and each has a unique outlook and something to teach. Maybe you’ll pick up a new photography tip, or tour a museum with a retired art professor, or get some ideas on how to accessorize that amazing new tunic you just bought. We love our guests because they always bring a fresh eye and their special skill set to the table. That’s what makes every tour unique & enjoyable, even when we return to the same destinations again and again.


We think small group travel just makes sense and can enrich your time abroad.  Still not convinced? Or do our travel dates not fit into your schedule? We also offer our local expertise in travel consulting and planning. Let’s build the perfect getaway for you! Click here to learn more about our consulting services.






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