Retreat + Tour = RetreaTour™

RetreaTours™ combine the depth of a retreat with the exploration of a tour!

We believe that if you’re taking the time, energy & expense to travel halfway across the world, you should experience as much as you like. We’ve created a great way to foster the reflection and growth of a retreat with the enjoyment and engagement of a tour. We call them RetreaTours™!

RetreaTours yoga mat DIVI sliderWe think that people innately sense that travel can help facilitate growth (which is why destination retreats exist in the first place!)  New experiences help to uncover and polish undiscovered facets of our being.  Allowing yourself a broad range of experience and engagement deepens your self awareness. We believe firmly and have seen evidenced time and time again that traveling empowers people to make and commit to more long-lasting changes in their lives.

Retreat centers are often secluded enclaves that interact little with the local environs—a western New Age diaspora, if you will.  Growth does not exist in a cultural vacuum.  It is through breath, bodywork & meditation and new experiences, interactions & engagement that the soul progresses. RetreaTours™ is about not only discovering yourself, but more importantly, it’s about creating yourself; travel can provide both the seeds and fertilizer for the process.

Each town and city on our itineraries has a multitude of layers and features, to say nothing of entire countries! We believe that different locations, and consequently different experiences, provide a perfectly well-rounded experience. Much like the facets of a diamond enable it to glitter, these varied experiences will allow your light to shine.

In addition, we’ve carefully hand-selected locations that highlight daily acts of yoga, particularly karma yoga (the path of service) and bhakti yoga (the path of devotion). From Bali’s fragrant floral offerings to Kathmandu’s circumambulating pilgrims to Varanasi’s rich riverside rituals, you’ll experience firsthand that yoga is not just asanas on a mat.

Please click through the menus above to see which RetreaTours™ we are currently offering–we hope to see you soon!

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