Around the World in 2020

World Wonders Edition

Around the World in 2020

World Wonders Edition

We design guided tours, transformative retreats, and a delightful combination of both!

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March 7–17, 2020, Egypt Exploration

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Around the World in 2020: World Wonders edition

with BJ & Lauren

October 19–November 12, 2020

Pilgrimage Around the Buddhist World

with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and Dr. Miles Neale

September 17–October 7, 2020

21 days. 6 countries. An unprecedented look at modern Buddhist practice & historic sites. 

Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka

with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and Tempel Smith

January 7-18, 2020

An in-depth exploration of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla & Kandy. Enjoy a memorable jeep safari to spot wild Asian elephants!

Pilgrimage to Mongolia

with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review and Jakob Leschly

July 31–August 12, 2020

Witness a true Buddhist renaissance on the Mongolian steppe

Mongolia: Steppe by Steppe

with BJ & Lauren

July 16–28, 2020

Explore the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky,” from the steppe to the desert to the forest 

Pilgrimage to Ladakh

with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

May 26–June 6, 2020

Engage with the local Ladakhi culture and explore ancient Tibetan Buddhist sites during this transformative journey high in the Himalayas.

Egypt Adventure

with our expert Egyptian team!

March 7-17, 2019

Enjoy the stunning ancient sites of Giza, Luxor, Abu Simbel & more!

Galapagos Adventure 2020!

with BJ & Lauren

January 18-29, 2020

A memorable land-based tour with plenty of marine exploration!

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