About RetreaTours

RetreaTours has a humble origin story, but it has espoused the same mission since day one: to make travel accessible, authentic & affecting. Although a world traveler since 1995, BJ started bringing individuals and small groups with him overseas in 2006, and we formally incorporated in 2012.

In order to focus fully on this passion, we moved out of the U.S. full-time in January 2013, and now spend each day exploring new destinations, strengthening local relationships, and creating memorable and engaging trips. In 2014, we focused on creating unique and transformative itineraries for yoga retreats, coining the word RetreaTours®. In 2016, we shifted our entire brand to “RetreaTours,” a more descriptive fit for our extraordinary fusion of offerings. Read below to learn more about our different trip categories.


The foundation of RetreaTours was built on our cultural tours. Each tour is custom-made for the time of year, taking into consideration weather, special festivals and holidays. BJ & Lauren accompany each tour, in addition to expert local guides at each destination. This is a perfect fit for first-time international travelers who want to get their feet wet or long-time savvy travelers who don’t want to manage the daily details themselves. We take care of all the logistics from Day One, providing packing lists, visa information, flight advice, and more. 

 A tour allows us to see more of a region, as we move at a slightly brisker pace than a RetreaTour. A tour typically sees between 4 and 5 areas in a region in a 12 to 15 day period. Each trip is a perfect blend of activity and downtime, with all activities being optional. If you wish to extend your travels before or after a trip, we offer our travel consulting services free of charge (typically a $200 value).

You can join a small-group tour with us (typically 4 to 12 guests) or you can request to create your own private tour and bring a small group of friends & family. If you’re interested in bringing your own group, write to us today!


RetreaTours were the next step in our travel evolution. Our tour guests love the unique itineraries we create, and we wanted to share these sites with a broader audience. The physical and spiritual beauty of our destinations inspired the idea to combine a yoga retreat with a cultural tour. We saw too many yoga retreats just go to one studio in one city, ignoring the bigger picture all around them. Although we think single-destination retreats serve a purpose, we knew there are travelers out there hungry for the depth of a retreat and the breadth of a tour.

RetreaTours are accompanied by BJ & Lauren, who manage the daily details and excursions, and a partner who can focus on leading the featured classes (be it yoga, fitness, coaching or beyond). These trips typically visit 2 to 4 destinations in a region, allowing for an insightful cultural experience without the rush of a typical tour. RetreaTours are our premium product, as they are personally escorted by BJ & Lauren in addition to another teacher (or sometimes even two). This allows for a full-service, full-immersion experience, paired with wellness courses perfect for a rejuvenating getaway.

Interested in bringing your clients on a RetreaTour with us? Please visit Retreats.biz.


Retreats were the next natural step in our progression. Our escorted tours and RetreaTours are limited by the amount of time we have (until we learn to clone ourselves, that is). However, we have several destinations where we can provide a seamless experience without being on site personally. We have trusted traveler partners in these locales, in the form of hotel owners and guides who will be with you every step of the way.

We still design the itinerary, but it is the on-site teachers and guides that execute it flawlessly. Retreats are ideal for those instructors or coaches who have led retreats before and want greater flexibility in scheduling throughout the year.

These trips typically span one to two locations in an area, and we offer complimentary travel consulting services for guests who wish to extend their time abroad.

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