Intro to Delhi's Aerocity

Staying at Delhi’s Aerocity is a good choice for those who arrive late at night or with an early morning departure (or the unfortunate combination of both!)  It is just an easy 8-10 minute drive to the airport, allowing you more time resting at your hotel than sitting in Delhi traffic.

Here are some tips to make your stay in Aerocity more familiar. Please notice Worldmark 1 and 3 denoted on the map. 



Aerocity’s hotels take pride in their security. When you enter the hotel, your carry-on (and purse) will have to go through a scanner, and you will also be pat down (females will enter a curtained area for a private pat-down by a female security guard). Please be prepared for this every time you enter, not just your initial arrival.

You will also encounter the same security when you enter the Worldmark shopping malls.


Each hotel at Aerocity has multiple restaurants inside, representing different cuisines from all over the world. However, if you are willing to venture out of the hotel, there is a fantastic food court in Worldmark 1 on the basement level. Although you can find international chains like Subway and Pizza Hut there (each with their own Indian twist) there are some fantastic Indian restaurants there, as well. Karim’s is a delicious Delhi institution and their kiosk is definitely worth a stop. “Street Foods by Punjab Grill” and “Biryani Blues” are also great options. These are all great values compared to the restaurants inside hotels.

If you are in the mood for SE Asian food, the restaurant “Noodle Republic” on the ground floor of the LemonTree Hotel is quite good. The Northern Thailand noodles (Khao Soi) are one of my all-time favorites there! There is a Starbucks in Worldmark 1, as well (facing the road, on the ground level).


There is an ATM in front of the IBIS hotel in Aerocity that dispenses rupees (the upper limit is 10,000 rupees (~$145 USD) per withdrawal, but you can make as many withdrawals as your home bank allows).


Worldmark 3 has a department store with Indian clothing, cosmetics, home goods, and even a small specialty grocery stocked with imports.


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