Beginning in 2020, each of our journeys has been triple offset, door-to-door. To that end we have prepurchased 1500 tonnes of carbon offsets in mid-2020; because of the global economic slowdown due to COVID-19, we chose to prepurchase for 2021 in order to keep cash flowing to carbon sequestering projects around the globe.

You find certificates for our past carbon offsetting below.

Our Carbon Offset Commitment

Triple carbon offsets for all transport while on tour (flights, vehicles, trains, boats, and hotel stays)

Triple carbon offsets for economy class flights for each guest to get to the starting point of the tour and back home thereafter. (If you choose to fly business or first class, we can help you make sure your flights are completely offset.)

Triple carbon offsets for all travel, activities, and daily lifestyle for RetreaTours as a company and the daily lives of BJ & Lauren.


E-Certificate 2021 carbon offsets
E-Certificate 2021 carbon offsets


E-Certificate 2021 carbon offsets