Your Guide to Hotels & Amenities in New Delhi's Aerocity

The first hotels in Aerocity were opened in 2014, providing good hotels close to the airport (about 10 minutes from airport to hotel and about 7 minutes from hotel back to the airport). All the hotels in Aerocity are considered 4 or 5-star hotels though there is a pretty broad level of luxury. We have visited and/or stayed in almost every hotel in the area and can recommend the following hotels. Personally, we like to stay at Indian-owned hotels rather than international chains, but upon your arrival after so many hours of traveling, nobody will fault you if you want to stay at the Marriott or Andaz.

Further below there are some other hotels that are a bit farther from the airport. Only choose one of these hotels if you have two or more nights in New Delhi. The Aerocity hotels are so close to the airport, it just makes your life easier upon your arrival and departure.

How to Book these Hotels

You can book the hotels directly through the links below or at the hotel website itself. 

Arranging Airport Transfers

Though it’s quite easy to get a taxi, it’s only slightly more expensive to have a transfer organized through the hotel and may be a more comfortable choice for many guests. In that case, there would be a person with a sign with the hotel name (and/or your name) waiting for you as you exit baggage claim. 

Whether you book through or directly through the hotel, when you book, you can give them your arrival details and request an airport transfer/pick-up. You can arrange an airport drop-off or taxi through the hotel, as well. 

One more option at Terminal 3 (T3)

If you are looking for a very short term room (3 to ~8 hours), please click here for a PDF on how to book a room at the Plaza Premium Lounge at Terminal 3. 

Click here to see an instructional PDF on booking a short term room at Plaza Premium Lounge at T3

Aerocity Hotels

Budget Category

  • Red Fox (4-star) The cheapest option in Aerocity. Still clean and quite comfortable. Rooms are small, but for a short visit, it works well. Breakfast is fine. 
  • Lemon Tree (5-star)  In the same building as Red Fox. It’s actually the same management, but a step up from RedFox. Both of these hotels share a pool and some restaurants. Lauren and I love the Southeast Asian restaurant in the hotel(s) called Republic of Noodles. Though you might not be wanting Thai food on your first visit to India, we can highly suggest the northern Thai dish called Khao Soi (aka, Northern Thai noodles).


Mid-range Category

  • Pride Plaza   This is a comfortable place that was one of the first hotels to open in Aerocity. The buffet for dinner is really great (changes every night) and breakfast is quite good.


High-end Category

  • Roseate House   This place is super chic. The beds are to die for and the breakfast is the best in all of Aerocity. Breakfast starts at 6 AM though so you won’t be able to avail yourself of that breakfast on the morning you depart to Ladakh.
  • JW Marriott   Though not locally owned, it’s a lovely hotel.
  • Andaz by Hyatt   Though not locally owned, it’s a lovely hotel, also.

Please click the red map markers to see the names.

Roseate House


Pride Plaza




Lemon Tree Premiere

Budget; Republic of Noodles restaurant is located here

JW Marriott


Andaz by Hyatt


Hotels Outside of Aerocity

If you have more time in Delhi and want to stay a little farther from the airport we can highly suggest these properties.

  • The Imperial is the most historic hotel in Delhi. It was visited by Gandhi and you can even eat breakfast at the exact same table where Gandhi sat. It’s about 35 minutes to the airport and is an absolutely divine property.
  • The Oberoi was recently renovated and is the finest hotel in Delhi. The Indian-owned Oberoi chain has often been rated as the finest hotel chain in the world. The service at their hotels is second-to-none in the entire world. It’s only about 25 minutes to the airport from this hotel and is absolutely worth a stay if you have some time (and money) to spare. Indeed it’s more expensive than the others, but it’s still a great value for the experience.

Please click the red map markers to see the names.

The Oberoi


The Imperial


New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport

Amenities within Aerocity


There is a wonderful food court in the basement level of the WorldMark 1 Building, offering both Indian and Western fare. Some of our Indian favorites include Karim’s (a classic!) and Biryani Blues. There are “fast food” options as well as some very nice sit-down restaurants. 

There are many restaurants within all of the hotels in the area, as well. We particularly like Republic of Noodles, a Pan-Asian restaurant located inside the Lemon Tree hotel. The Northern Thai noodles (Khao Soi) are fabulous and a rare treat to find anywhere in the world, let alone New Dehi. Beer, wine, and cocktails are also available there. 

Missing a taste of home? There is a Starbucks on the ground level of WorldMark 1, facing the main road. Just don’t buy the mixed lemonade/coffee drink (and don’t ask Lauren why she thought it would be good). 


Currently there is only one ATM in Aerocity, located outside the entrance of the Ibis hotel (please see map). There are also ATMs upon your arrival at the airport, as well as money exchange kiosks. 


There is a lot of shopping to be had all around the WorldMark plazas in Aerocity, with more shops opening every day. 


Please know that all of the hotels and retail centers have security before you are allowed to enter. Your bag will go through a scanner and you will be patted down by security personnel of your same gender. Yes, it will get tiresome, but it’s all in the spirit of security. 


Please click the red map markers to see the names.


outside the Ibis Hotel

Food Capital @ WorldMark 1

Food court with Indian and Western choices

Republic of Noodles

Great Pan-Asian cuisine in a sit-down restaurant setting. Beer, wine, and cocktails available. Located inside the Lemon Tree hotel. 


Just in case…