Sprankton at Boudhanath Stupa

Celebrating Kukur Tihar in Nepal

BJ and I were fortunate enough to finally spend the holiday Kukur Tihar in Nepal with our finest fuzzy friends in November 2021!

Kukur Tihar is just one of the five days of Nepal’s Tihar holiday, a Hindu festival very similar to India’s Diwali celebrations. The second day of Tihar is set aside to honor the dog (kukur in Nepali) for their role as the guardians of the gates in the afterlife; everyone wants to get in good with the gatekeepers, right? Pet dogs and lucky street dogs alike are given food, marigold garlands, and adorned with a red tika mark on their foreheads as a sign of respect.

Enjoy some photos and  video about our Kukur Tihar celebrations, and then check out the photo album below to see how YOU can help street dogs–and score yourself a fantastic wrist mala in the process!

Standing at the best of Everest in Tibet

Meet our gorgeous (and very sensitive) friend Noah. This year we had him sterilized and he recovered in our apartment. You can learn more about Noah in his videos further down this page!

shawn in Boudhanath

Look at this FACE!  Shawn (aka Schwanzles) is a VERY good boy, a very good eater, and is a regular recipient of Street Dog Care’s medical assistance, whether it’s mange, an eye infection, or just a regular ol’ bath (and that was literally just last week). Will you help Shawn pay his medical bills?

How can I help street dogs?

Our aim is to raise money for local dog welfare groups. The one we work most closely with is Street Dog Care, and there are many other remarkable groups in the Kathmandu Valley. Resources dried up quickly for these organizations during the pandemic, and their daily feedings and regular medical care have literally kept these street dogs alive during Nepal’s extended lockdown.

To give you an idea of how far your money goes here in Nepal, here is a list of possible places your donation can do the most good:

  • Spaying: $30 USD 
  • Chemotherapy injections: $15 per shot
  • Ten rabies vaccines: $10
  • Ten DHLPP vaccines: $20 (for Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvo) 

Watch some of our friends in action below!

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