Pick & Cheese Experience

London’s “Cheese Conveyor Belt” restaurant is a rotating slice of heaven.


We made it to the new “Pick & Cheese” conveyor belt Cheese Bar (the world’s first!) in London. We had seen a video about it floating around on Facebook for a bit, and we were thrilled to be able to try it firsthand! We only had to wait a few minutes for 2 seats in the early afternoon, and it’s all bar seating except for 2 booths (within Seven Dials Market, a beautifully renovated West End banana warehouse circa 1902).

The concept is simple and amazing: just like conveyor belt sushi joints, there are domed plates of cheese on color-coded plates (based on price) and you snag whatever looks good to you! You can follow along on the numbered menu which describes the cheese, origin, and accompanying condiment. What amazed us both was the pairings. Some were delightful (the Shropshire blue on a chocolate cookie), some were deliciously clever (the honeyed garlic paste with a soft-ripened cow milk), and one was downright transformative (the earl grey tea jelly transmuted the extraordinary pungency of the washed rind “Renegade Monk” cheese). I paired it with 2 glasses of ice-cold Cava and we topped it all off with a well-decorated soft-serve blue cheese ice cream.

I’ve combined our own photos with the menu descriptions in this album. You can see the official Cheese Bar website at www.thecheesebar.com/seven-dials for the full menu. Once you see it in practice, it’s kinda obvious what a genius idea it is and you’re kicking yourself for not having it first! But we’re so happy The Cheese Bar brought it into the world & we highly recommend it for London-bound cheese lovers.

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