french clinic 2If you should need medical attention in Laos’ capital city, you’re in good hands with Centre Medical de L’Ambassade de France (CMAF)—aka, the French clinic. Supported by the French embassy, this small clinic is only a 20,000-30,000 kip tuk tuk ride from the night market area. Their consultation fee is $37 USD (as of 2014), and when we went on a Thursday morning, the wait time was approximately 30 seconds.

The doctor and nurse spoke English, and were friendly, informative and kind.  My husband had an infected foot abscess due to a bug bite gone rogue, and they quickly and efficiently worked to clean and dress the wound, with clear instructions on how to proceed.  The whole thing, from the time we walked in to the time we walked out was maybe ten minutes!

I’m not sure the address I found online is terribly accurate, but you’ll be okay asking your hotel where it is (and maybe even having them write it out in Lao for driver).  Here’s a screenshot of the area (the clinic is in blue) just to give you a general idea where it is, along with a picture of the building and of their hours & services.

Like most other blogs recommend, big problems & surgery should be dealt with in Thailand, but this is a great place for other minor medical concerns.


french clinic 1

french clinic 3