Street Dog Care Rabies Vaccination Campaign

Kathmandu, Nepal 2018

Street Dog Care’s annual rabies vaccine campaign in the streets of Kathmandu

Nine hundred and ninety-nine dogs and one cat were vaccinated against rabies in the greater Boudhanath area of Kathmandu, Nepal in April 2018. Lauren once again had the good fortune to help Street Dog Care and a team of volunteers to make the streets of Kathmandu a little safer for dogs, cats, and people alike. Last year it took 4 days to vaccinate all 1,000 dogs, and this year we did it in three!

Enjoy these shots of the campaign, as well as some shots of Kathmandu neighborhoods.

Want to join us for Kukur Tihar in Nepal to celebrate the dog? Travel to Kathmandu with us for Kukur Tihar in late 2021 for a fundraising trip to benefit local dog welfare organizations!

To learn more about Street Dog Care e.V., visit or their current fundraiser page as they build a NEW center for helping dogs:

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