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Weleda Skin Food

We’re heading into a dry summer here in Mendoza, Argentina, and most of you are headed into a dry winter which means—moisturizer! And moisturizing has never been more important with everyone’s new favorite hobby of thorough hand-washing.

I’ve always been enchanted by natural skincare products, a fascination cemented with over a decade working with them at Whole Foods Market. I’ve always respected the Weleda line of products, but I decided to share it with you now that BJ is also hooked!

Weleda is a Swiss company, started in 1921, specializing in clean, cruelty-free, and effective products. We’re lucky that we can find these products outside the U.S., which is a big part of what bought me back to them. (I remember the first time I found Weleda overseas, in a little shop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that seemingly never opened. I went there 5 days in a row and it was always closed, the Weleda just out of reach on the other side of the glass!)

Skin Food, in particular, is a nice product to have on hand (literally and figuratively). It’s extraordinarily rich, with a light but calming natural scent, like walking through a spa. A little bit goes a long way–we’ve both been using the same tube since late May. That fact also helps justify the price, when you know a product is going to last you for months and months of regular use.

Skin Food has apparently developed a cult following since my days at the health food store, with endless blogs hyping all of its uses.

Honestly, I love the entire Weleda line, with my current favorites being the Sea Buckthorn body lotion (sea buckthorn being a staple crop in Ladakh!) and the Pomegranate line for the face. I’ve gotten pretty sensitive to product scents over the years, but the natural scents of the entire Weleda line are my absolute favorite.

Unlike most plastics these days, these containers actually are recycled! Weleda pays for you to send the tubes and bottles for recycling via TerraCycle. It’s also good to know that their manufacturing facilities in Europe are powered 100% by renewable energy sources.

And, of course, moisturizing is so important whenever we return to traveling, from the drying air of the airplane to our continued international pastime, hand-washing. Skin Food is going to be a great thing to pack on your next adventure, and at 75ml (2.5oz) it is carry-on friendly!


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