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Ladakh, India

Coming soon!

Sri Lanka

Stay tuned for an early 2024 journey!


Ongoing private trips–see details at

Around the World in April 2023

Kenyan Safaris

Contact us for private safari options while we plan our September 2024 group journey!

Optional extension to the Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda

around the world tour in 2023 visits bhutan, cambodia, jordan, japan, spain, and peru

Around the World Tour

Japan · Singapore · Cambodia · Bhutan · Nepal · Egypt · Jordan · Spain

April 2-May 1, 2023

This Around the World journey will be a perfect re-entry into international travel! We'll begin during cherry blossom season in Japan and continue on to such iconic sites as Angkor Wat,  the Pyramids, and Petra. Together we'll explore Tiger's Nest in Bhutan and enjoy world-class art and cuisine in Madrid.

Limited to 7 guests.

Penguin in the Beagle Channel in Tierra del Fuego

Natural Wonders of South America:

Patagonia & Iguazu Falls

with Easter Island extension

January 19-Feb 1, 2023 &

February 11-24, 2023

Discover the Iguazu Falls and the Southern Cone in a comprehensive exploration of Chilean and Argentinian Patagonia.

You'll experience everything from the far reaches of Tierra del Fuego to the sweeping vistas of Torres del Paine, El Chalten, and El Calafate. 

Traditional costume of Mongolia

Mongolia: Steppe by Steppe

including Naadam

July 1-13, 2023

Discover the beauty of the eternal blue sky on the steppe of Mongolia and experience the national Naadam games! 

We'll stay in a combination of traditional gers and comfortable hotels on this journey, as we explore the modern capital city and the breathtaking beautiful countryside. This stunning landscape inspired Genghis Khan & it will inspire you, too!

Chenrezig statue in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia at Gandan temple

Pilgrimage to Mongolia

with Tricycle & Megan Mook

August 4-17, 2023

Join Tricycle: The Buddhist Review on this journey to witness firsthand the beautiful renaissance of Tibetan Buddhism in post-Communist Mongolia.

Engage with local monks, experience puja ceremonies, and explore the vast grasslands of the Mongolian steppe and the modern capital city.

Pilgrimage to India & Nepal

Walking with the Buddha

with Tricycle and Megan Mook

October 31–November 13, 2023

Join Tricycle and mediation teacher Megan Mook as we explore the circuit that he walked in his time, from Lumbini to Kushinagar and each important pilgrimage site in between, on this carbon-negative journey.

Blue footed boobies in Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands

March 7-17, 2024

Our most popular tour!

Experience one of the most unique spots on earth on this land-based, small group tour of the Galapagos. These UNESCO World Heritage islands are home to diverse flora & fauna, many are found nowhere else on the planet.

We'll stay in comfortable hotels on land and take plenty of excursions on the water. This trip is a guest favorite and sells out every year!



September 29 - October 17, 2023

The 8th Continent, the Great Red Island, Lemur Land–this magical land has earned many nicknames but nothing can quite describe the beauty here. Join us for a once-in-a-lifetime journey through the rainforests and beaches of mighty Madagascar.

There is pre-trip option to Berenty Reserve to see Ring-tailed lemurs and the Spiny Forest and post-trip option to stay at Eden Lodge near Nosy Be on a pristine beach and coral reef.


A camel standing in front of a pyramid at giza


January 26–February 10, 2024: stay tuned!

Explore Egypt in style on this 5-star adventure. We'll enjoy the iconic treasures of the Giza Plateau and the newly opened Grand Egyptian Museum before flying to Luxor (ancient Thebes) to immerse ourselves in the "world's largest open-air museum."  We'll cruise the Nile River and visit captivating temples along the way, ending in breathtaking Abu Simbel.

Dates are pending, but you can see our itinerary and sign up for updates on the site by clicking the green button below.

Baby jaguar bats at his mother's face in the Pantanal of Brazil

Wildlife Wonders of South America

with Galapagos extension

Late 2024

Say hello to the penguins, elephant seals, and whales of Peninsula Valdes in Argentinian Patagonia before setting off for the wilds of Brazil's Pantanal wetlands, filled with jaguars, tapirs, macaws, anteaters, capybara & more. We'll wrap up in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest! If you wish, we can continue on to discover to unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

Private tours of Bhutan include a trip to Tiger's Nest



A lot of people are surprised when they learn how easy it is to travel to the Kingdom of Bhutan! You don't even have to wait for one of our tours—we can arrange a private tour for as many people as you like (even if it's just one!) You'll have your own private guide, driver, and a choice of category of hotels. Click the link below to get some ideas and then contact us to put a vacation together for you!

Mama and baby rhinos stand together in a field in Kenya.

Private Tours

Travel in your "bubble"

Perhaps you'd rather avoid small group tours for a while, or you just prefer traveling with your own family or group of friends. We can help arrange a private tour with trusted guides in many parts of the world, such as India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, East Africa, and more. Email us today with a "wishlist" and let us help make your travel bubble dreams come true!

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