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We can have you lounging in this exact pool in no time. (Photo: Lombok, 2013)

We can have you lounging in this exact pool in no time.
(Photo: Lombok, 2013)

Planning your dream trip should be an enjoyable experience and can set the tone for your whole vacation. If the complexities of travel around Asia stress you out, we can help!

We’ve been to south and southeast Asia scores of times over 20 years–in fact, since early 2013, we have made our home there. If you have lots of questions or a complex trip to plan, or if you’re a first-time traveler and aren’t sure where to even begin planning, consider a personalized in-depth trip consultation with BJ and Lauren. We have helped many travelers put together great itineraries tailored to their special interests, budgets, and time constraints, from longterm post-retirement trips to honeymoon excursions.

We’ll answer your travel questions, build an itinerary, and help you figure out transportation. Note: we are not a travel agency, so any transportation and lodging reservations for your trip will ultimately need to be made by you.


What your Asian Travel Consultation entails

If we are near your home we can meet with you in person–otherwise we’ll meet with you by telephone or video conferencing.  To book a consultation, call at 941.677.2225 or email [email protected]. We’re honored and thrilled to help you plan your dream trip.  For $200 USD you will receive:

  • A total of approximately 4 hours of consultation (including behind-the-scenes work by Insight Travels)

  • International flight and logistics consultation (this will save you tons of money and connection/layover hassle)

  • Itinerary discussion (we take into consideration climate, festivals, internal transport time, and more)

  • Hotel suggestions and guidance on arrangements (with consideration to your budget and level of luxury preferences)

  • Contacts and connections for internal transport (flights, taxis, etc)

  • Visa logistics

  • Packing ideas

  • Ongoing support including phone, email, and Skype or video conferencing as needed

We want you to get the most out of your consultation, so we have a few tips; have these things handy at the time of your consultation appointment:

  • Paper and pencil (you’ll definitely want to take notes!)
  • Prioritized list of questions (so you stay focused and don’t forget anything!)
  • Your “rough draft” itinerary (e.g., top places you want to see, proposed budget, and general dates)


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