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Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

We are thrilled to partner with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review to create engaging, transformative Buddhist experiences around the globe. Please click the “Learn More” links below to see all the details for each trip currently open for registration. You can contact us directly with further questions at [email protected].

Stay tuned for future 2020 Pilgrimage details, Mongolia, Walking with the Buddha circuit, and a historic “Pilgrimage Around the Buddhist World”!

Pilgrimage Around the Buddhist World

September 17 – October 7, 2020

with Dr. Miles Neale

21 days. 6 countries. An unprecedented look at modern Buddhist practice & historic sites. 

Limited to just 12 explorers. 

KYOTO Japan · BOROBUDUR Indonesia · SINGAPORE · SIEM REAP Cambodia · BANGKOK Thailand · LADAKH India

Pilgrimage to India & Nepal: Walking with the Buddha

November 1-13, 2019

Join us as we explore the sites in India & Nepal where the Buddha was born, lived, taught, and achieved Parinirvana. 

Pilgrimage to Sri Lanka

January 7–18, 2020

with Tempel Smith & Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

An in-depth exploration of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla & Kandy. Enjoy a memorable jeep safari to spot wild Asian elephants!

Pilgrimage to Ladakh

May 26–June 6, 2020

with Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Engage with the local Ladakhi culture and explore ancient Tibetan Buddhist sites during this transformative journey high in the Himalayas.

Pilgrimage to Mongolia

July 31–August 12, 2020

with Jakob Leschly & Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

Once an influential powerhouse of Buddhism, this country’s religion was decimated by Soviet cultural purges–discover a true modern day Renaissance of Tibetan Buddhism on the steppes of Mongolia.  

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