BJ & I are moving overseas in two weeks.  It was my intention to blog the lead up to all of this with posts about the first few itineraries, what gear we’re bringing, our thoughts, feelings, excitements, fears–the whole shebang.  As you can imagine, though, actually living these preparations–as well as giving our notice & finishing up at our multiple jobs–took the lion’s share of our time.

In a nutshell, my husband BJ & I decided a while ago to move overseas in order to better focus on our tours of India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Burma, Thailand…you get the picture.  We called it our “two year” plan, and guess what–sometimes two years flies by like that.  My primary goal for 2013 is to familiarize myself with the lay of the land(s); my husband might be an old hand at this globe-trotting adventure, but I’m still a SE Asia neophyte.  This year is all about exploration, not only as the basis for future tours but where we might want to settle” for a few months at a time.

I'm not going to carry him the WHOLE way...and we probably won't be wearing matching clothes again. Ever.

I’m not going to carry him the WHOLE way…and we probably won’t be wearing matching clothes again. Ever.

That’s the thing–we’re moving in 2 weeks, but we’re not stopping.  We don’t have (nor necessarily want) a house or property overseas–we like to say that we are “location independent.”  Yeah, yeah, that might just be a high-falutin’ way of saying “nomads,” I know. We are currently in the process of purging our possessions–most are sacrifices to thrift stores or the Craigslist gods, and a few select boxes are being stored for us by our families (there are a few vintage polyester dresses that I patently refuse to ever give up. Ever.).   We each have a large-ish backpack, a day pack, and a camera bag, and that’s all we’re bringing with us.  Well, that and Toby.

I expect that once we get going, we’ll have plenty of real-time stuff to blog about and the lead up to the move will seem boring in comparison.  However, I’m sure that thoughts and tips about our preparations will surely make their way into this space; we spent a lot of time carefully selecting the (few) items we have space to bring, and we’ll be posting reviews here–everything from hiking shoes to cameras to sunscreen to mascara.  And this blog space will be developing, too; I want to find a way to balance the tour side of the website with the blog side of the website. Sometimes, though, you just have to start, right?