Our Mission & Values

Our Mission: We carefully design each trip to maximize the greatest good for the greatest number, including our guests, our partners, and the local community.

Keep it Real

Authenticity is crucial to our itineraries.  Your time, effort, and interest are precious resources and should be honored with a true experience.


Keep it Simple

They say the devil is in the details, and international travel planning can sometimes make some people feel like they’re in hell! We simplify your life by enthusiastically handling all these crucial details.


Keep it Local

We honor our destinations by keeping money in the local economies. We hand-select the best locally-owned hotels, restaurants, and guides in order to sustain and grow these vibrant communities. Our trips support locally-based non-profits in many of our destinations.


Keep it a Good Value

We strive to make our trips as accessible as possible, and this includes financial accessibility. We believe travel should be in reach of anyone who craves it. We pride ourselves on the competitive price of our personalized services, backed by years of experience and knowledge that money simply can’t buy. The personal attention you receive on our tours make these experiences priceless.