What is a private room supplement?

What is a private room supplement and why do I have to pay it?

Hotel prices around the world are based on double-occupancy rooms; that is, two people (spouses, partners, friends, etc) sharing a room and essentially splitting the cost of each hotel room. They can’t really sell “half a hotel room.”

If you choose to have your own room OR you do not have a roommate, you are responsible for paying the entirety of the cost of your hotel rooms, hence the additional fee (or “single supplement”).  If you traveling alone but desire a roommate, we can put you in touch with other single guests looking for a roommate; however, we can never guarantee a roommate and if you do end up with a private room, you will be responsible for the single supplement.

We will try to get as creative as possible to find a way around the charge, but please know that we do not profit from your supplement–it is simply to cover your private accommodation.